Wednesday, February 1, 2012

more change... anyone have a piggy bank?

It's nearly 5am, I've been up since 3. I am currently plagued with a case of hives that my significant other believes to be a combination or stress and allergy. I am stressed but no more so than in the recent and far past, and the comfort of a steady paycheck from an entry-level job has eased even more of my anxiety.
So what is it?
I've made my way into the adult world since that July business trip and have done so successfully. I have made myself invaluable to my company, and I'm not sure how or when it happened, I surely wasn't looking. Where do we go from here?

Saturday, July 23, 2011


It's funny how things change. All at once we are both child and adult, friend and lover, ourselves and someone else. Last night I set out on a journey - my very first business trip.

This past winter I was invited to the Winter Sales Kickoff in New Hampshire at a very
popular ski lodge. Free snowboarding, amazing food, nice company, minimal responsibility... I was responsible for planning the whole thing beforehand, too.

Last night, however, marks a very different beginning. This trip is not "board when you want and if we need you we'll call your cell". This trip is training - on the company's "THE Product", partner relations - we have a partner flying in from Mexico, customer relations - our employee and customer trainings are combined, watching how what I do unfolds - I schedule and make the trainings happen. I am responsible.

What's more, I was responsible for my own travel, making sure things run smoothly there, and the kicker... acting responsibly, being mature, becoming a grown-up, and not screwing shit up. It's a lot of pressure when you've never done this before. Will I succeed? Can I secure my place within my comfort zone and have it waiting for me after college?
Will I even survive the three days down there?

Oh, D.C. . . .

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I originally opened this blog so I could read my mom's blogspot posts and respond to them. Then I was debating on whether or not to transfer over all my livejournals, deadjournals and xangas... But apparently, I'm spam. That's right, I'm a lunch meat and some type of electronic bot plotting aginst the blogging community??? Wow. Iz confused like a lolcat on catnip. Lolrus com get u bukkit... Iz daers u!