Saturday, July 23, 2011


It's funny how things change. All at once we are both child and adult, friend and lover, ourselves and someone else. Last night I set out on a journey - my very first business trip.

This past winter I was invited to the Winter Sales Kickoff in New Hampshire at a very
popular ski lodge. Free snowboarding, amazing food, nice company, minimal responsibility... I was responsible for planning the whole thing beforehand, too.

Last night, however, marks a very different beginning. This trip is not "board when you want and if we need you we'll call your cell". This trip is training - on the company's "THE Product", partner relations - we have a partner flying in from Mexico, customer relations - our employee and customer trainings are combined, watching how what I do unfolds - I schedule and make the trainings happen. I am responsible.

What's more, I was responsible for my own travel, making sure things run smoothly there, and the kicker... acting responsibly, being mature, becoming a grown-up, and not screwing shit up. It's a lot of pressure when you've never done this before. Will I succeed? Can I secure my place within my comfort zone and have it waiting for me after college?
Will I even survive the three days down there?

Oh, D.C. . . .

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